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Pick Your Own Raspberries

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Love raspberries? We do too! Our raspberries are usually ready for picking by mid July. Ripening depends on the weather. We've starting picking as early as the 7 th of July and as late as the 15 th . It's really hard to predict. If you are interested in picking your own raspberries we suggest you call the farm after July 4 th and we can give you an estimate of when the berries will ripen. The season is short. It usually only lasts 2 - 3 weeks so don't delay in getting here.

During raspberry season we are open 7 days a week. We usually open about 9am (after the berries are dry) and close at dusk. We supply either pint or quart containers. Our berries are planted in rows and we mow in between the rows. Comfortable picking clothes and shoes are recommended.


Please be aware that our berries are as Mother Nature intended them to be. We do not use any chemical sprays. Therefore, we do run across an occasional bee's nest. We try to scout for them and section off that area from picking. Well behaved children are always welcome!



Picking your own raspberries is fun!


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