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Our dried herbal blends are all natural and contain no added salt, sugar, msg or preservatives. Just delicious herbs! Use them to make cheese spreads and party dips; season meat, fish and poultry; pasta and rice; soups and stews. Be creative!

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Garlic & Herb - Makes a great boursin type spread when mixed with cream cheese


Gourmet Garlic - In addition to a dip it makes a great garlic spread when mixed with butter


Jalapeno & Chipotle - If you like it hot this one's for you!



Authentic Onion - A wonderful onion dip without all the salt that commercial dips have



Garden Vegetable - When mixed with cream cheese this makes a tasty spread for bagels



Dash of Dill - Instead of making a dip try this one on fish



Cajun Spice - Hot & spicy! A great blend for Mexican cooking also



Creative Curry - Curry dip is wonderful with fresh veggies. Also good in Indian cooking



Savory Herb - This makes a wonderful spinach dip plus a good seasoning for poultry dishes

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